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Branksome Park v Poole Park (home/away) 9th May 2021

Report by Ian Veitch (Captain of the Day)

Sadly we lost by 14 shots, the game was played in good spirits and at times very competitive, a good time was had by all (except maybe the losing rink)!

Dave & Val King, Jane Sergeant won 15-14
Ron Emmitt, Margaret & Mike Everett lost 6-22
Ian & Ruby Veitch, Steve Towse won 16-15

Overall Branksome 37- Poole 51. 


Report by Bobbie Cover (Captain of the Day)

Overall a good day for Branksome Park well done everyone luckily we just beat the rain.

Branksome Park                            Poole Park
Rink 2 
Lead. Terri Milton.                          Lead J Martin
Two.   Tony Milton.                        Two.  Steve Bowering
Skip.   Roger Parnell.                    Skip.  Jill Evans
Score 12.                                       Score 16

RInk 3
Lead Geoff Arnold.                        Lead Faye Bowering
Two.  Joan Brunt.                          Two Eric  Duddridge
Skip.  Steve Thompson.                Skip  Tony Hume
Score 15.                                       Score 15

Rink 4
Lead. Ted Coates.                         Lead Barbara G.   
Two    Jean Coates.                      Two Tony Cross
Skip.   Bobbie Cover.                     Skip A. Richardson                      
Score 19.                                       Score 8

Score BP   46                                Score Poole Park 39



Branksome Park  v Boscombe Cliff (home) 1st May 2021

In spite of the weather the game was very enjoyable especially the result.  I know this season is not the same as usual but it has been a long time since we beat Boscombe Cliff and never 14-0.  All the rinks were close at the end but they all held on to win.

Barry Stone’s rink went into the last end one down but picked up a 3 to win 21-19.  Alec McKenzie’s rink went into the last end one up and picked up a 5 to win 19-13.  Great bowls from Alan Bliss kept his rink always in front who won 19-14.  Jim Garners rink had a tough game but pulled through with a two on the last end to win 18-14.
A great start to the season even with 6 players sat out.
Report from Graham Cox.



Branksome Park  A v Poole Park B (away) 1st May 2021

On a  cold and unpleasant afternoon Branklsome Park  A  won on two rinks and  lost  on two but ran out overall winners 63 to 60 shots.  With the points score being 10 points to 4 points
A good start to the season.
Report from Brian Cookson.



Saturday Morning Triples Match Report - 1st May 2021

On a cold and icy May Day morning the Saturday Morning Triples Teams turned in a mixed bag of results with wins at home for the 'B' and 'D' Teams but defeats for the 'C' and 'E' Teams in their away matches.

Branksome Park 'B' 38 New Milton 'D' 28
Branksome Park 'D' 31 Iford Bridge    30
Knyveton Gardens 34 Branksome Park 'C' 21
Bournemouth Buffalos 41 Branksome Park 'E' 18
The 'E' Team found themselves pitted against a Bournemouth Team who fielded an ex-international and a regular Premier League player as skips.  Needless to say however well Branksome bowled the final opposition wood invariably turned a 2+ shots hold into a 1 or 2 down.



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