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Ladies Invitation Day 2021

On Sunday August 21st at 1.30 pm 24 lady members under the leadership of Bobbie Cover led their 24 carefully selected male victims (sorry guests) on to the green for the first annual Ladies Invitation Match since 2019.

In keeping with the traditional dress code for this occasion everyone (well nearly everyone **) was wearing coloured tops with white trousers.  Several pairs even sported matching tops specially purchased for the event!

Jackie & Dave

** One Gentleman who shall remain nameless had not read his invitation properly and arrived in a white top and greys!  Fortunately one of the ladies had changed her pale yellow top for one which matched her partners' so she loaned it to him.

For sixteen ends the ladies competed valiantly against their male companions but in the end wilted under the hot sun and the mens' superior 'wicking' skills. 
Rink 1
Is that a yellow shirt?


Rink 5
Good try ...

Even calling for an unprecented refreshment break after ten ends when they were well down on four rinks in order to regroup failed to totally disrupt the mens' rhythm although it probably reduced the final deficit considerably!

This is what we need to do ...
Rink 4
Less green please..
Rink 6
How far from the Jack?
Rink 3
Ooops! Have I missed an end?
Rink 5
This looks close
Rinks 5 and 6
Differing styles
The Final End
The Final End Celebration

With the final wood bowled Bobbie Cover, having done the maths, revealed that the Gentleman had amassed 109 shots and won on 5 rinks whilst the Ladies had scored 76 shots and won 1 rink (it would have been 4 rinks to 2 had the men on Rink 6 not managed to pick up a 4 on the final end!)



The ladies then entertained the men to an excellent Buffet Tea that had been prepared by Linda Parram.

Buffet One

Buffet Two

This was a great fun afternoon of bowls and social chat followed by a slap-up tea, what more could one want?
Rink 2
Rink 2
Rink 4
Rink 6

Foot Note from the Gentlemen:

Thank You Ladies for your hospitality, company and contribution to a very enjoyable afternoon. 


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