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Ultimate Triples Series 2020 Episode 3

They were fighting to get in to watch the latest encounter in the league that just keeps on giving. Under ‘Covid Rules’ we had a full house last night with players and spectators.  All with social distancing of course.

UT Photo 3

Match 1 - Moody Blues v Deep Purple:

A sad, sad evening for the previously unbeaten Moody Blues as Skipper Ken Joy was unable to extract the best from his team who out of decency will remain nameless (Julian Cooke & Roy Cole).  I can only recall the famous words of the Norwegian commentator "Maggie Thatcher, Maggie Thatcher are you listening?  Your boys took a helluva beating"!

In fairness they did come up against an extremely strong Deep Purple with all their big guns on show (Jim Garner, Chris Hollier & Dave Kirkham) who showed no mercy and ran out easy winners 17- 4 & 13-5.  The only consolation for this writer is that he sat this one out!

Match 2 - Black Sabbath v Simply Red:

From where I was standing comfortably the best match of the evening.  Firstly, it was nice to welcome back Eric Munden for his first match.  Surprisingly, he actually turned up and then proceeded to play like some sort of bowls god!  Well he definitely played at least one good wood and I am fairly sure it was two. The Sabbath got off to something of a flyer in the first set racing to a 5 shot lead after 3 ends.  Simply Red managed to get themselves back to 6-6 by the 7th end only to lose the set 6-9.

The Reds contrived to fall behind again early in the second set and looked sure to end up pointless only for the Sabbath to collapse over the last 3 ends and concede the set by six shots to seven.

So, all square and a classic extra end.  It finally came down to the last woods from the skips, Brian Cookson for the Reds and Graham Cox for the Sabbath.  It looked for all the world that the plucky Northener had won it for his Team who were almost celebrating victory only for Graham rolling back the years to produce the shot of the evening and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  Brian was heard to grudgingly mutter " He's a ‘looky’ booger".  Black Sabbath were represented by Graham Cox, Eric Munden and Frank Westfield who had a cracking game whilst Simply Red by Brian Cookson, Stuart Stephens and Terry Lemon.

The only slightly disappointing note was that the Black Sabbath captain Alan Bliss felt unable to stay and support his team for the crucial extra end as he had to go home to eat his meat pie.  Can you believe it?  How did we ever win the war?

Match 3 - King Crimson v Pink Floyd:

We are all aware that the England football Team find it very difficult to win penalty shootouts and it seems that King Crimson have a similar issue with ‘tie breaks’ as in the first 3 weeks of the competition they have narrowly lost 3 tie breaks.  We must ask ourselves is this lack of preparation, lack of technique, bad luck or just plain lack of character?  I think that they should take a long hard look at themselves!  The answer is don’t put yourselves through it!

Anyway, not to be too harsh, the Crimson did very well to take the first set by 10 shots to 5.  Mike Oliver looking more and more like a cross between Father Christmas and Moses (they keep kicking him out of the hairdressers) had a good battle with Meg Nicklen and with Geoff Shand and Bill Harris also in good form they looked a good bet to take all the points against a Pink Floyd side skipped by John ‘ never give up’ Pinson and supported by Tony Jennings and Mike Oliver.

Unfortunately for the Crimson the wheels rather came off in the second set with the Pinkos romping home 12-6.  Now to the fateful ‘tie break’ and the inevitable result.

Well done everybody.  See you all next Week.

Your roving reporter Alan ‘The Quiz’ Gamblin              


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